BT Tech are experts in cabling. With BICSI Technicians on staff we can handle any of your infrastructure needs.  We are certified installers in many brands and are able to offer up to 25 year manufacturers warranties on our cabling installations. From category 6A cabling to fiber optics we are here to help. 


BT Tech can handle nearly any scenario using hosted phone solutions. From single phone systems for small business owners to multi-tier auto attendant systems with hundreds of phones. We are here to listen to your needs and design something specific to your company. With services like Find Me Follow Me and Voicemail to Email we will end communication barriers which will allow your company to be more efficient.


Networking can be very difficult to understand. Segregating networks is critical in nearly every network, no matter the size of your business. This includes things such as separating your guest network from your internal network to ensure your guests do not have access to business information. Many people also get fines for not being PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), and in many cases this is a simple fix. 


In todays society firewalls are a necessity. They provide the network level security your company needs. With Virus databases being updated multiple times a day, firewalls offer the protection you demand. Block foreign country traffic before it even tries to penetrate your network. With features like application control you can keep your employees off Facebook and focused on work. View log reports of most visited sites, utilization, virus hits, and many other things. 


Door Access can help you not only control who has access to your building, but when they have access to it. Creating schedules allows employees to have access during working hours but locks them out during non-business hours. Have a management team that needs 24/7 access? No problem! We can configure different groups to have different time restrictions. We can also control which parts of the building each employee has access to. This gives you total control to where and when your employees have access to the different parts of your business.


Wireless is a great tool in business. From keeping your guests entertained while they wait to allowing your repair technicians to diagnose a car in the middle of your parking lot, wireless can help you become more efficient. WiFi is standard in almost all businesses today. We can help design and implement a controlled wireless system throughout your entire facility.


BT Tech installs a wide range of security cameras. We offer affordable and simple camera packages all the way to high end camera systems that offer advanced analytics with the ability to self-learn. We will help you decide what you need, design it, implement it, and train you how to use it. Nearly every system can be tied to your phone with an application so you always know your home or business is safe and secure. A camera system is almost essential for businesses of all sizes – it can prevent theft, capture an accident, and allow you to see your employees. 

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With the demand of today’s resource intensive ways of communication, you need an infrastructure that can handle the task. From video streaming to VOIP calls your infrastructure backbone needs to be solid. Let BT Tech assist you with a fiber backbone for your network, or possibly linking multiple building together.



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Our company values professionalism. We get the job done right the first time. Your company needs focus on growth, let our company worry about the quality and efficiency of your technology.

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Technology issues can halt production. When issues occur BT Tech will be there to get you back up and running. With experienced technicians to diagnose and fix issues quickly you will be glad you called. From simple questions to complex problem we are just a simple call away.


We listen first, talk second. We will sit down with you to go over what is important to you as a customer and offer our expert guidance while prioritizing your wants to maximize your company’s efficiency. After all, no one knows your business better than you.



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